Simone Walsh : An Australian Eco Friendly Jewellery Designer

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Simone Walsh is an Australian eco-friendly jewellery designer based in Adelaide in her home studio; dealing with recycled milled sheets and wires of silver and gold and gemstones. As an eco-friendly designer Simone promotes use of ethically mined gemstones and lab gemstones; and recycled products, by re-newing them and this can be seen via her collection of ‘recycled’ jewellery in which are made purely by spare pieces of metal from her other collections. Simone’s ‘Forget-me-not Post’ earrings are from her ‘Recycled’ collection, demonstrating the usage of the leftover metals, creating new earrings that are simple yet elegant. Simone hand produces all her jewellery, as she believes it is a method that can reduce pollution with smaller …show more content…

As Simone is also a graduate of Visual arts, her take on her designs are artwork that are often inspired by ornaments and pattern designs or nature inspired detailing that she seeks interest in. The name of the business that Simone has set up in her 20-year endeavour is simply her ‘Simone Walsh- Handmade Jewellery’, in which encompasses her business in the title. However as all jewellery is all handmade, she is a micro-business in which is set up in her home studio in Adelaide, were she is the sole employee but supplied with material from other business she is in touch with and support from her family and friends. As her part of her eco-friendly policies, Simone does not use any technology based tools, but simply traditional metal work cutting, by usages of saw piercing, gliding and etching, and tries to avoid unnecessary chemical usages, but if needed she opts to a less acidic and safer option for the environment, for example borax for flux and citric acid for pickling. Also as she is an individual whom produces her products the over all production of all her jewellery are made with a limited amount of them until all of one design is all sold out does she repeat the process of creating the product again, hence managing her waste of material. She also manages the waste via the process of re-using spare pieces if possible but if not, Simone minimizes the amount of left over metal, and recycles them so they can be melted down and refined for

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