Sin : The Spiritual Walk Of A Believer

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Unconfessed sin can be very dangerous to the spiritual walk of a believer. Sin is when we do something that displeases God. We are all guilty of sin, and deserve to spend eternity separated completely from Him. He has promised to forgive us of our sins, but only if we take initiative and confess them to Him. Although Jesus died on the cross to pay our debt in full, there are still consequences when we sin against a holy and righteous God, and we don’t ask for repentance. We must acknowledge that unconfessed sin in the life of a believer will damage our ministry, take away our joy in Christ, and ultimately make us feel separated from God. When we are living in sin, we will eventually stop seeing results in our ministry. Our relationship with God becomes broken, and we no longer have a strong desire to read and study His word. When we are not pursuing a constant relationship with Christ, then we are unable to understand what His plan is for our lives. Our understanding of His word becomes vague, so we can’t clearly communicate it to others who are trying to grow spiritually. We begin to have the wrong motive behind ministry. It becomes something we do because it’s a good thing, not because we desire to share Christ. We don’t have the heart to serve anymore. This is especially true when those in leadership of a church are harboring a secret sin. The church starts to slide down a slippery slope, and no one seems to know why. Eventually, the sin of that individual will come

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