Sinus Headache Research Paper

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10 Ways to treat Sinus headaches

I have suffered from sinus and allergy problems throughout my entire life. Even if I currently live in a drier climate, I still have sinus headache. Although, a sinus headache can be confused as a migraine (just as a sinus infection feels like a cold), which is how bad a sinus headache can be. Misery becomes company and it causes your full day to become unproductive from drowsiness regardless if the medication suggests that it is a “non-drowsy” formula.
From tossing and turning to “I feel like crap” the next day, here are some suggestions that will treat or sooth your sinus suffering.

1. Microwaveable buckwheat scarf or pad.

Do you have a hard time going to sleep due to a headache caused by sinuses
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I do not advise anything electrical because it will be easy to fall asleep with it on. Anything could happen such as a fire or your face or neck burned.

2. Stay away from Milk or Ice cream (Greek Yogurt is okay!)

Throughout my life, I could not handle drinking milk. It is not that I am lactose intolerant (I love Ice Cream!), it is because regular (whole, 2%, or skim) milk produces mucus. A day later, when I drink milk, my nose starts to produce more mucus to where I can feel it sliding down the back of my throat. Later, I will start sneezing and feeling miserable. This is why I have to be limited to eating ice cream. I read that you should avoid all dairy products. However, Greek Yogurt does not give me the same effects as cow’s milk. To substitute milk, I like soy or other nut milks.

3. Menthol Ointments
Menthol ointments are not just meant for colds or the flu. Menthol ointments can also help to relieve sinus headaches. The ointments can also help you breathe a little better. I personally like to apply the ointment to my sinus areas and forehead and then wrap my face in a warm buckwheat filled scarf (It feels like
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Most allergy medications do not give me the benefit of the doubt from their recommended dosage. The decongestant is supposed to break up any mucus that are causing sinus pressure. For whatever it is worth, if it is needed, a antihistamine with a decongestant would be ideal. Talk to your doctor if you have high blood pressure or if any of the over the counter allergy medications will interact with any medications that you are taking.
All decongestant medications are located at your local pharmacy behind the pharmacy counter. Yes, you will have to ask for them and you must be 18 or older to purchase.

7. Hot Tea

I personally love any hot tea. Hot tea in general just has so many properties to prevent you from dehydration and moisten your nasal cavity. Even though there may be that some teas are better than others, for me, it does not matter. It also feels great to the throat since any sinus issues would cause irritation to the throat. A holistic approach to relieving your agonizing headache, but not a long term conclusion.

8. Medicated nasal sprays
Nasal sprays are to be use with the addition to other allergy medications. The spray is suppose to work as a decongestant in order to relieve and prevent sinus pressure.

9. Stay away from cigarette smoke and people wearing heavy perfume or
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