Skills of Leadership and Management Leading to Career Advancement

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This essay shall discuss the two most important skills in Leadership and Management that leads to career advancement in an organization.
Skill 1: Vision and Communication
Positional power and authority are no longer the key elements of leadership. Vision, commitment, communication, action, and humor are necessary attributes. A plethora of languages and interpretations, a maze of value sets, and a realization that economic development is closely linked to the needs of societies characterize the global community. One common bond is the quest for effective leadership.
Power is still important, but we do not define it as the accumulation of resources or information to make things happen. Rather, power involves forging alliances and creating a cooperative agenda (Wright, 2001). The collective consensus replaces an agenda set by the individual or group; people must share power if common goals are to be achieved. Leaders must distribute the resources to those closest to the action because these are the people who have the best information and in whom we must place our trust (Blake & Mouton, 2008).
Vision remains the hallmark of effective leadership, the element that creates opportunity. Effective leaders continually share this vision and involve others in modifying and embellishing it. People know exactly where they, as individuals, fit in. Ultimately, the vision separates from the leader and becomes the collective future of the organization (Kanungo & Misra, 2012).
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