Skin Elasticity And How To Keep Skin Elastic

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Skin Elasticity And How To Keep Skin Elastic Introduction Like other organs in the body, the skin is supposed to remain healthy and elastic throughout life. However, skin elasticity tends to deteriorate with aging. Exposure to direct rays of the sun, bad lifestyle habits like smoking, and irregular diets cause damage over a period of time. The good news is skin elasticity can be revived with simple methods as well as minimally invasive procedures. How The Body Loses Normal Skin Elasticity Healthy skin changes shape and then springs back to normal almost instantly. The medical fraternity considers skin turgor a measure of skin elasticity. Dehydration or fluid loss is responsible for the skin losing its elasticity and can happen due to various reasons including vomiting or low fluid intake. Skin with decreased turgor stays in extended position and takes more time to return to normal status. Topical Treatments To Retain Skin Elasticity One of the basic elements of healthy skin is to adopt a balanced diet and gather ample rest on a daily basis. Cleaning and washing the skin regularly helps remove dirt and other impurities thereby preventing clogging of sensitive skin pores. Ideally, the skin must be washed at least twice a day with mild soap devoid of fragrance. Subtle use of make-up does tend to improve elasticity. Urban living demands precautionary measures to prevent higher levels of pollution from affecting the skin. Several oil-free moisturizers are available in the local

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