Slavery in History

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Slavery has been around for centuries, and still is present today with the development of custom definition. Slavery does not only affect the caucasian and the African americans. When you think of slavery, what do you think of? Who is affected? Slavery is so important because it was a geological and world-wide act. This act of slavery affected many people for the good and the bad. The economy and plantation owners were affected in the act of slavery. You should be informed that, how slavery affected the United States, how does human trafficking collide with slavery, and the living conditions of the slavery and human trafficking. Slavery did not only affect the United States, but also the economy of the United States. The only states with African slavery, were Maryland and Virginia, becoming foundation of the Southern agrarian economy. According to, in 2014, the International Labour Organisation, stated that “about 20.9 million men, women and children, around the world are in slavery”. This tells you that slavery was a worldwide situation in the modern times. Every gender is affected in slavery. Men, women and many children. All slaves were condemned to impoverishment by law. Slaves also could not participate in any wage working trade or labor. Most slaves could not own property, because they lived in shelters, which were owned by the masters. There are different types of slavery, that exist today. For example, child slavery, and human trafficking. “Child

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