Sleep Is The Best Meditation Essay

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Dalai Lama once said, “Sleep is the best meditation” (Sleep Quotes). Some people, however, are unable to acquire such meditation. I originally intended to write my research paper on insomnia but after reading several articles, one article on the formation of research diagnostic criteria (RDC) for insomnia garnered my attention. Sleep, in general, is interesting due to its complexities and the way it affects people. I was struggling with getting proper rest in high school, so I sought out information in order to improve the quality of my sleep. I ended up finding more than I intended. It took decades for people to see that RDC was needed for insomnia. Creating appropriate RDC for insomnia and ways to test for it proved to be a complex process that took much time and effort.
Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that has various forms and causes. For a long time, there was not a widely accepted definition. Many decades ago, that was an issue for many psychiatric disorders. This made it next to impossible for doctors to provide accurate diagnoses. In order to fix the problem, RDC was created and published in the late 1970s. RDC is a set of operationally defined inclusion and exclusion criteria that made it possible to create standard definitions for multiple psychiatric disorders (Edinger et al., 2004). For some reason, adequate RDC was not created for sleep disorders at the same time. Thirty years after the creation of RDC, sleep medicine was just barely ahead

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