Small Business Should Be Exempt From Unfair Dismissal Laws

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In this context, the main aim of the topic is to focus on the policy debates regarding the protection from the unfair business laws in relation with the small business sectors. This research will help the students in order to analyze the different competing perspectives in order to see the industrial relations and to find the key importance to the business, individuals and the society to a larger extent.
As can be seen in the Legal Aid 2015, “Unfair dismissal happens when an employee 's dismissal from employment is harsh, unjust or unreasonable”.
The research will also help the learners in analysing the issues of the unfair dismissal laws so that in future the relevant cases can be made to stop these kinds of mal practices on the small scale industries in the Australian organizations. In the following the strong debates will be held regarding the topic
Concept of Unfair dismissal laws
The Unfair Dismissal laws under the 385 section of Australian Fair Work Act 2009 can be described as one of the harsh treatment which has been provided to the employees and in many cases the unjust behaviour have taken place and the employees have been fired from work. Under the Workforce Relations Act (WRA) 1996, an unfair dismissal provision helps in providing the adequate protection to the employees who currently got the employment under the federal reward by excluding the contract workers,

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