Small man who led a big nation Essay

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The Small Man Who Led a Big Nation
Mahatma Gandhi was a national icon for the people of India between the years 1869 and 1948. He is still remembered all over the world today. To follow the path of Gandhi one must traverse all regions of India, from the houses of the highest officials to the poorest villages where the word poverty does injustice. Gandhi led a fearless resistance against the British government, that oppressed his people, and an endless pilgrimage to lift the spirits of his people(the people of India) to maturity. Gandhi was very unique in his approach as he preached non-violence and led a life similar to that of the most downtrodden people of India.
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Gandhi interacted with a diversified group of Indians while in Africa. He learned about many different injustices Indians suffered from in Africa and in India. As his beliefs in satyagraha solidified his reputation began to spread into India. It was about this time in 1914 that Gandhi returned to India.
The people of India, who were discouraged with Britain’s policies, eagerly waited for Gandhi’s return. They had been showing dissent towards the government on a small scale, but they needed Gandhi’s political initiative and leadership. The British would not share industrial secrets, levied high taxes, restricted industrial investment, and limited any kind of economic advancement for the Indians.(Spodek 667). Gandhi began to assist several protests that had been initiated against the British and got the Indians to participate in hartals. These hartals are similar to sit down strikes. At one sit down in 1919 the Indians were protesting the Rowlatt Acts. The British decided that they would show their power and killed 379 people and injured over1100. This is when Gandhi and all of India proclaimed “non cooperation” with Britain.
This action by the British led to two things: a new vigorous political movement and a grassroots spiritual revival, both led by Gandhi. Gandhi rallied his Congress and people into a mass movement. He “emerged as a leader offering new

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