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Smart Athletes Two students from the same high school. One graduated with straight A’s the other graduated with a MVP award they both apply for the same college. A high school coach said, “He’s a can’t-miss guy. With his size and speed and athletic ability, (colleges) have shown interest in him as a linebacker, tight end or H-back or fullback. Then with his grades he’s the total package”. Of the two students applying for the college which will be accepted? It should be acceptable for Colleges to pick students for their athleticism because there are sports scholarships for the students, students who play sports will provide the college with more money in the long run, and in my survey people felt it is acceptable for people to get into colleges for their sports skills. According to Scholarship, “U.S. Colleges awarded over $3 billion in athletic scholarships to varsity athletes during 2014.” It helps students who financially cannot afford school have the ability to get an education. They work just as hard as an academic student because they train hard in their sports and study to keep their grades good. A lot of students have trained their whole lives working toward that scholarship to get into that college. Without the opportunity from these scholarships some students may never get the chance to go to school or play …show more content…

Business Insider said “The fair market value for the average FBS football player is $137,357 per year, and the fair market value for the average men's basketball player is $289,031 per year. “ This shows that athletes benefits the school in may way they bring in money to make the school function they give entertainment and bring attention to the school. So if a college brings in an athlete to their school they are bring in money the athletes are basically employees and a business (college) need it’s

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