Smart Growth Community

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Abstract Living a healthy lifestyle is the biggest concern in creating a smart growth community in Malaysia. Towards building the community, the involvement of landscape architects who are capable and skillful in varies of aspects such as planning and designing is one the needs in visualising a smart growth community into reality. But through the process of creating it, there are few challenges that landscape architects in Malaysia should face and as for making it into reality, landscape architects need to overcome problems and challenges towards building a smart growth community in Malaysia. 1. Introduction Urbanization, globalization and the spread of materialism have provided an opportunity for landscape…show more content…
c) Increase Housing Choice: Provide housing choices for all income levels. Figure 2: Simulation of Smart Growth Residential Housing Project Images courtesy of: © Urban Advantage d) Create Walkable Communities: Create places where people live, work, learn, and play and that make these communities desirable from any point of view. e) Attractive Communities with a Strong Sense of Place: Develop: a vision and set the appropriate standards to meet the vision for development and construction within the community. f) Protect farms, Unique Natural Features, Critical Environmental Areas, and Open Spaces : Preserve critical environmental areas to improve a community’s quality of life g) Direct New Development Toward Existing Communities and Infrastructure: using already existing infrastructure and resources. Figure 3: Simulation of Smart Growth Urban Revitalization Project (Clever, MO) Images courtesy of: © Urban Advantage h) Offer A Variety of Transportation Choices : The key is making available to the residents more
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