Smartmart Executive Summary

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The various stakeholders of the company are:
The shareholders, consumers or customers, global and local suppliers, employees, environmentalists, FDA and other government bodies.
Above strategy would develop trust in shareholders as it will generate long term profit for the company by aligning company’s mission of healthier and sustainable organic product to the consumers. Also, this strategy will eliminate any competition from CSA’s and increase its market share in the organic food domain. The consumers or the customers will continue to be loyal towards SmartMart as they will get quality product with proper attention from SmartMart employees. Customers will get variety of organic food at one stop shop. This will increase customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty for SmartMart. The global suppliers for SmartMart might be unhappy as they might loose supply for the company but tying up with local suppliers such as CSA’s will add to variety of the organic products. The long term …show more content…

Both these options would give company competitive advantage of managing their own bio fuel production. This will eliminate any dependency on the other manufacturers for quality of the bio fuel. As the quality of the bio fuel is directly related to the brand name of the company. In both these options huge investment is needed. I selected the first option of building their own in-house production of bio fuel over acquisition because in long term it would become easier for the company to come out of this business without loosing major chunk of revenue. I am also aware that this strategy would require investment in terms of money and time. Though in short term this strategy might not seem viable but its long term benefit for the company are aligned with the mission statement of the company and fulfills the long term revenue generation for the

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