Smoking: Statistics and Linear Regression Equation.

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Problems on Regression and Correlation Prepared by: Dr. Elias Dabeet Q1. Dr. Green (a pediatrician) wanted to test if there is a correlation between the number of meals consumed by a child per day (X) and the child weight (Y). Included you will find a table containing the information on 5 of the children. Use the table to answer the following: Child Number of meals consumed per day (X) child weight (Y) X² Y² XY Ahmad 11 8 121 64 88 Ali 16 11 256 121 176 Osama 12 9 144 81 108 Husien 19 13 361 169 247 Total 58 41 882 435 619 a. Determine the simple linear regression equation. b. Determine the correlation coefficient. Interpret it in words. c. What is the expected child weight if the number of …show more content…

experiencing hypertension, given that the person is a moderate smoker; 2. non-smoker or experiencing hypertension. 3. a smoker, given that the person is experiencing no hypertension. Q9. 1418 men were cross-classified according to their smoking status and their lung cancer status as in the following table: Lung Cancer Present Absent Total Smoker Yes 688 650 1338 No 21 59 80 Total 709 709 1418 If one of these men is selected at random, find the probability that he is a) a smoker b) having lung cancer. . c) non-smoker or having lung cancer. d) having lung cancer, given that he is a smoker. e) a smoker, given that he does not have lung cancer. h) Are the events “ being a smoker “ and “ having lung cancer “ independent? Why? Q10. A lab test is 95 percent effective at detecting a certain disease when it is present. When the disease is not present, the test is 99 percent effective at declaring the subject negative. If 8 percent of the population has

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