So You Want For Breastfeed Your Baby

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So you want to breastfeed your baby…
Hello reader,
Before we begin, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I began my motherhood journey 10 years ago with the birth of my daughter, and since with the addition of six more wonderful babies. I have exclusively breastfed each one, not without tears however. Today, breastfeeding is approached much like a question of whether one would like white or wheat bread. For mother centuries ago, this question did not exist, neither did it exist for me. For reasons, several I am sure there was no other consideration, but to breastfeed. The thought of supplying nutrition to my child through and intervention not of my own was unimaginable. Perhaps my time spent as a nurse’s aide on the post-partum wing of a hospital, laden with knowledgeable lactation consultants; this education would later be a great benefit for me, nursing my own and encouraging others on their quest; or simply my hippie crunchy tendencies lent themselves to this idea of breastfeeding. In any case, I was committed to nursing my babies. In these next few pages it is my goal to furnish the breastfeeding mother with some advice and encouragement in her decision to provide the best source of nutrition to her baby.
1. Breastfeeding takes Grit!
We will assume that if you are reading this book you are considering or have committed to nursing your baby. I wanted to start here because it seems most appropriate. I could give a step by step of how to nurse a baby, but

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