Essay on Breast-Feeding vs Formula

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In todays society there are so many books and online sources that can be found on the “how-to” of raising a child. The question is though, which one of the sources should be trusted enough to follow through and to implement techniques on children. For one of the most important decisions that a mother and family can make is the option of breast milk or formula. In a growing society where mothers are given dirty looks for nursing in public, or media outlets rage in disapproval to mothers that share nursing stories, it almost seems crazy not to pick up a bottle and feed a child. Our society has made formula feeding a “norm” and had turned its back to mothers that ponder the choice of breast-feeding. This is a complete shame; …show more content…

It should be a requirement of all applicants to participate in an educational class on breast-feeding before they are given coupons for formula. In our society the education of breast-feeding has vanished. With out the education, mother’s attention can be drawn to advertisements of formula and simplicity of bottle. With the government giving coupons for formula, it seems that formula feeding the only option a family has. Instead the government should be explaining options to families. With a recommend education of nutrition of children it would give mothers a chance to understand the benefits of breast milk for a child and for the mother. It would also help raise awareness in our society that breast-feeding is not an action that should be critiqued or judge upon. A required class to all expecting mothers will allow mothers and family members to make an educated decision about how their child will be feed. Classes’ will allows families to ask questions in a safe environment, and give them a network of professionals and other mothers. Process of nursing, storage of breast milk and he preparation of pumped milk are all topic that could be addressed in a classroom setting. Although, the health benefits for the mother and nursing child should be the main focus of a class. Classes provided by the government as a requirement prior to receiving food stamps, can seem pushy from the government. It is completely reasonable for a family that is required to take

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