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A couple of the main goals of every business are to have loyal customers and make a large profit. In order to reach success each business tries their best to stand out and gain the attention of potential buyers. Advertising helps lure people in to buying products by identifying the needs and wants of their costumers and convincing them that it is necessary to purchase those products. In the 1800s there were many people who still had a negative attitude towards the blacks after the civil war and considered being dirty, exhibiting the blackness, as very bad. Soap businesses used their advertising to target those seeking to become whiter. In the late 1800s, because of developments in technology, manufacturing soap became more popular.…show more content…
By having this on the ad, costumers get the impression that Fairy Soap can clean away any similar qualities or looks of African Americans or the “possibility of racial cleansing”(“The Largest in the World”). N.K. Fairbank is trying to attract more consumers, “the message that the consumption of soap would enable people—even non-white colonials—to be clean was also suggested in soap ads”(Kil). They present the African American child who represents those who feel inferior to the white race and the illusion that Fairy Soap may help advance them in society if they are “clean”. Fairy Soap is basically implying that their product is so satisfactory because it can turn the user white. This also advises customers to buy Fairy Soap over other brands. The final statement on the image distinguishes the company’s advertising. The “made only by” suggests the large amount of pride N.K. Fairbank has for generating the advertisement. In an older newspaper article it states “N.K. Fairbank Company attribute their success to the merit of the articles they produce; careful, thoughtful, persistent newspaper advertising; which they continue through all season[s], in hard and in good [times]”(“The Largest in the World”). Fairy Soaps dedicated time and thought into creating these advertisements and even in “hard” times they still continued to publish them. “Poster advertising is efficacious, not alone through its appeal to the public at large, but through its influence upon

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