Social Cultural Context Of Behavior Change Interventions

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Much of the current scholarly literature argues that managing workplace culture is an increasingly vital subject in any organisation. Workplace culture, also known as organizational culture can be defined as the values, beliefs, norms and assumptions that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of any organization (The Business Dictionary, 2015). Research has recognized that a strong workplace culture is not only important for the successfulness and sustainability of a company, but for the welfare of the individuals who work in it (Glisson, 2007). Over the years numerous interventions have been implemented within organisations in order to improve workplace culture. This review will aim to report findings on the social cultural context of behaviour change interventions based on teamwork interventions, mindfulness interventions leadership training interventions.
Teamwork is a significant element in any workplace, as it offers all employees the sense of unity, reliability and support, and gives them the ability to work together efficiently. An intervention conducted by Bleakley et al (2012) aimed to investigate whether an education intervention would result in a significant development of attitudes towards teamwork across a surgical provision. The intervention was based on Crew Resource Management (CRM), which uses participatory action research to familiarize the strategies within the specific team context. A longitudinal quasi-experimental design was
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