Social, Emotional and Intellectual Research Paper

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Child development is referred to as the physical, cognitive, social and emotional changes a child goes through from birth and throughout their lives. Daily experiences and relationships with others have mayor impacts in how a child develops in these areas. Children are guided by emotions and social interactions. Consequently, these connections will guide their cognitive development. NAEYC states “that optimal development and learning in the early years will most likely occur when children establish positive and caring relationships with adults and other children” (Bredekamp & Copple, 2009).
Emotions make every person unique and original, they make us who we are and can influence our thoughts and behaviors. We begin to demonstrate emotions from the second we are born, babies cry, coo, smile, or laugh in order to demonstrate how they are feeling. As children, we are influenced by our emotions; a positive emotion will lead to a positive experience and encouragement of a prosperous learning development. Meanwhile, a negative experience will discourage a child to learn, create relationships or explore the world. Emotional development is strongly related to social interactions; in fact, it is very difficult to find an explanation of one without the other (Gordon, Narvaez, Roundtree & Valero, 2013).
Social development is defined as the relationship an individual has with others, the upholding of such relationships and the ability to achieve a goal through them. Social development
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