Social Group Self Analysis

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When we place ourselves in different social groups a compelling need to work together is created. There are several types of social groups that one can be a part of. Whether it be social groups ranging from intimate family relations, or a group of classmates, social groups come in all different shapes and sizes. Depending on which social group you associate yourself with, your life may be impacted in different ways. Every exclusive social group I affiliate myself with has a distinctive influencing factor in my life.

My family is the biggest social and cultural group I am a part of. I am able to draw inspiration and learn from every one of my family members. In our family environment, I am a sister and a daughter, as well as, a mentor and a role model. This is due to the fact that I am the second oldest sibling in our household. When it comes to short-term influences, my family impacts on a day to day basis. I learn to adapt to changing behaviors from my siblings, and that benefits me in the real world as well. As a result of learning to adapt, I can change my ways of thinking on a day to day basis.
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At our local Mosque, my fellow peers and I go every Sunday to teach Arabic and religion. As a pre-k teacher, I am responsible for the education of my students. Short term influences that affect me are coming up with activities for them, and discovering new ways to keep my students engaged. Teaching challenges my college schedule, and I have to learn to balance my time as a college student and as a teacher. I need to be reliably available and present for every class. As a long-term influence, being a pre-k teacher helps me develop a variety of life skills. I learn responsibility and commitment as I continuously volunteer to go and teach. I acquire a significant amount of psychological stress from teaching. Balancing time is difficult, especially as my school workload
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