Social Impact : Starbucks's Social Responsibility To Consumers

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Starbucks has certainly does a good job communicating their social responsibility to consumers. First and foremost, Starbucks establishes an annual public Global Responsibility Report on their website. This report is easily identifiable and available for everyone to view. Besides their website, Starbucks uses a variety of media to communicate their social responsibilities. The company is highly dependant on social media to communicate their messages. Their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all display tokens of giving. In most cases, Starbucks ads are call-to-action campaigns. This entices consumers to purchase the Starbucks products because it allows consumers to feel they are contributing to something good/meaningful. Besides, social media, Starbucks uses their cups and coffee sleeves to communicate their humanitarian and socially responsible activities. Recently, the company informed consumers about the number of Veterans and military spouses hired through coffee sleeves. In addition, these sleeves always state the percent of recycled materials used, which is another way of expressing Starbuck’s holistic marketing approach. Finally, Starbucks has released a podcast which communicates everyday stories of positive change. In general, marketing communication should take a mass marketing approach, several forms of media should be used, and the communication budget should be properly allocated. Starbucks accomplishes each of those tasks. Moreover, consumers certainly feel the

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