Social Justice, Fair And Unbiased Treatment Of The Population Essay

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Social justice is defined as “justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society” (Oxford Dictionaries). In reality, social justice is so much more than its definition. It is the goal of equality attained through fair and unbiased treatment of the population. The United States of America has not reached this level of equality. Because of this, in order to attain true social justice, fair and unbiased treatment may require more than simply the same treatment. This makes the concept of social justice more complicated, as it extends through due processes of the law, human rights among minority races and gender. Social justice includes basic necessities, standards and rights that should be extended to all (Vasquez 2012). Social justice is an area that some countries, such as ____, would consider Americans to be privileged in. However, Americans, especially those who have never experienced social injustice tend to be blind to many social injustices that happen everyday in America.
Describe five specific events/political issues/ economic issues/ religious issues/ educational issues that occur within the United States
1. Immigration/ refugees
• Understand language difference vs disorder
2. Modern racism

Despite the end of slavery and Jim Crow laws, racial injustice remains a major problem for African Americans in the United States. While racism is no longer written into the law, “Modern Racism” is now a social process (Squires
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