Social Media And The Global South

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Social media is a commodity that is increasingly exceedingly available, used and relied upon by individuals around the world. Social media has become a way for people to share and receive information of any kind. Today, we are going to take a look at ways that social media is connected to neoliberalism, specifically promoting neoliberalism, or characteristics neoliberalism, in the global South. First, social media allows more private entities to penetrate the global South and expand their influences in ways that wouldn’t be possible without the technology we have today. Second, social media gives empowerment to individuals. Empowerment is a very broad topic and the majority of discussion will take place in this section however, we will drill down into a few specific process that explain how social media empowers the global South in relation to neoliberalism.

Social Media Allows Private Entities to take a Larger Role in the Global South
Companies are utilising social media at a high rate to advertise, promote, recruit, and in general generate business. As the internet is reaching more areas of the world each year, this provides opportunities for private entities of all sizes to penetrate these less developed areas of the global South. Social media allows companies to expand their influence, reach larger & wider audiences, and take a larger role in lives of those who live in the global South. PWC, a business consulting firm talks about Brazil, “In Brazil, the…
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