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Topic 2: How do you think Social Media are shaping demand for Events and the Event Experience? Use examples to illustrate your argument. Social media can be clearly defined by breaking down these two words. Media is an instrument of communications towards the world, for example, newspapers, magazines, radios and televisions. Social would be the interaction between one human being to another. Therefore if we put them together, social media would means an interaction between one to another through an instrument of communication. Social media is the main source of communications and information exchanges nowadays. Social Media is everywhere, billions of users have been using applications such as Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, and this…show more content…
When the society have little knowledge and exposure to the event, it certainly does not arose their curiosity and interest into attending one. But as the society move towards the newer technologies, there is a larger scale of sharing experiences through social media for instants, posting reviews, pictures and videos on their social network applications. With this amount of information available, people are then exposed to more events that might attract them into participating in one. For example, in 2012, the tickets for one of the largest music festival hosted in Belgium, Tomorrowland, was sold out in matter of seconds to 2 million people after 30 million people have viewed the Tomorrowland 2011’ after movie’ (getin, 2012). This is a good example that shows the significant growth in demand for events through social media publicity. With many celebrities participating in social media posting such as twitter, fans have more live updates on what are their favourite celebrities schedule like to as to raise awareness of the upcoming events the celebrities are holding, for example, Kpop company releasing news of activities such as autographing session or the release conference of Kpop stars’ new album through SNS are one effective ways to draw demands to such events. (Mayers, J.S. 2014). But on a hind side, these information might have a negative side to how it shapes the demand of events too. As these information are too highly available on Social Medias
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