Social Media Makeup Essay

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Social media and make-up, does it blend? Nowadays, everything is heavily influenced by social media and makeup is no exception. Everyday makeup brands come up with new ideas on how to persuade the consumer to buy their products. Their new strategy is to collaborate with “Youtubers” with millions of followers to create new products; this is the case for the new Morphe palette. Morphe, an indie brand, released an eyeshadow palette in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill, a makeup artist with 4.5 million followers on Youtube. They created the “Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette”, which sold out almost immediately (Statz). This palette has impacted the makeup world and became a must-have for any makeup lover. With so many makeup brands …show more content…

Moreover, it also comes with different eyeshadow textures, such as shimmers and mattes, which make the palette feel complete and perfect to create a variety of looks. Makeup lovers would be delighted with this, since they are sometimes tired of buying the same boring and normal eyeshadows, just like a makeup enthusiast said, “I find that many of my palettes seem to be lacking these types of colors. I also appreciate the act that she included a few pops of color. Instead of appearing RANDOM, they actually compliment the more neutral shadows in this palette. You can tell she put a ton of thought into each color that she included” (Kate). Thanks to the variety of colors, users are able to be more versatile and creative with the looks they create, making it a perfect choice for anyone that wants to have some fun. Pretty eyeshadow colors are important, but pigmentation is also a big factor of the quality of an eyeshadow. When costumers see a vibrant red color in a palette, they expect it to look the exact same way in their eyelids, and not as a pale red. In the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette, the eyeshadows have great pigmentation and the colors look just as in the palette. Besides, applying the eyeshadows to the face once it’s enough to get a great coverage, which is great because consumers would waste less product. The combination of great pigmentation and great coverage is something that any makeup lover would love to have.

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