Disadvantages Of Social Media

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In modern days people and organizations rely so much on the internet as the main source of information. Every business organizations must, therefore, evolve and develop a platform where people can access information about them. Social media as a tool for doing business as Wang (2013) continues to grow and in recent years it has seen an increase in usage as compared to mainstream media as a source of information and communication channels by customers. It offers a great platform which organization can use to create awareness and advertisements. Use of social media in any business entity has many advantages but Odden (2012) also observed that it also require commitment, strategy, and defined systems. Social media allow entities to increase brand recognition campaigns, improve brand loyalty and create more opportunities to reach covert customer (Saravanakumar and SuganthaLakshmi 2012). It is achieved through accessing many peoples and by having high conversation rate with potential and existing customers.
Using social media to reach out to the client is affordable compared to other means of advertisements like printed media, televisions or even radios. Having a social media platform or website as Rapp, Beitelspacher, Grewal, and Hughes (2013) argued allows one to advertise and promote a company without incurring high expenses. These platforms and websites are also customer friendly they are satisfactory and convenient to the customer. They offer customers opportunity to access

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