Social Networking Disadvantages

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Online social networks have become an immense part of our generation, so it doesn’t come with a shock to have everyone from teens to adults obsessed with the online networks we have now. Besides the many benefits of online networks, there are hidden disadvantages to social sites too.

In “Why Facebook Might Not Be Good for You: Some Dangers of Online Social Networks” an essay written by James Gardiner discusses the negative aspects of online social networks (OSN). While he focuses on the negatives of online social networks such as MySpace and Facebook, he mentions the benefit of being able to stay in contact with family and friends in a “cost-effective way” (577). On the other hand, he mentions the negative effects that OSNs have on grades, as grades for students drop as they continue using the OSNs more often. In addition to being the cause of insufficient nonverbal communications in users because they are more focused on online friendships instead of communicating face-to-face. Gardiner takes into consideration the bad press that OSNs can have on ones’ reputation by having their lives posted online for anyone to view. He also mentions that OSNs have developed a contribution for the rise of narcissism in today's society because users are more concerned about their online appearance.

Gardiner’s essay conveys to the disadvantages of online social networks and the problems with this generation relying on them heavily as compared to previous generations. In addition to

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