Social Networking Good Or Bad?

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Social Networking Good or Bad? Ocean K Stevens El Paso Community College Abstract This analysis reflects the advantages and disadvantages of social networking involving today’s society. Social Networking is the use of communication through modern technology such as a computer or a smart phone that allows people to publicly interact with each other by creating an account. It can be used for personal reasons such as getting back in touch with relatives, dating, connecting with old friends, and surprisingly for learning purposes as well. It can also be used for business, marketing, and promoting events or products from an organization. Though there are various ways individuals or organizations can use social networking for what it’s actually meant for, there are still many disadvantages in having affiliation with it. There is a possibility of interference with relationships with friends or family. Impersonation also aids in risk factors associated with having a social networking account. But most importantly, health issues are seen to arise such as negative effects of obtaining adequate sleep. Both aspects of pros and cons regarding the idea of social networking are portrayed in this analysis. However, the explanation as to why social networking tends to have more disadvantages is specified with supporting research. Social networking plays an important role in today’s society. Most of us around the globe are familiar with the significance of it. There are

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