The Dramaturgical Model Of Communication On The Use Of Facebook

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Introduction New media has been easily made available everywhere and Facebook in particular as one of the world most popular social networking site (SNS) can be made accessible from desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablet because of this, almost everybody can have access to Facebook anywhere they go. For the most reason, due to the introduction of new media, Facebook plays a key role communication and staying in touch with families, friends, acquaintances, businesses, groups meetings and a whole lot of others. Moreover it has also been useful in growing markets and advertising mediums through big companies, brands and highly respectable top class businesses. New media as a broad topic can be defined as a “form of communication which transmits information through a medium that uses routers and servers via high-speed internet and involves materials been received via desktops, computers, tablets and smartphones”. In this paper, I will like to convey how the dramaturgical model of communication on the use of Facebook reveal how humans communicate their identities using both front stage, back stage and impression management to have a perceived view about the world as well as how it reflects people everyday lives. To begin with, the world’s largest Social media site (Facebook) has made it possible for your front stage, back stage and impression management to be different due to the individual view of what they believe and how they manage their social interactions with

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