Social Networking in the Classroom

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It is difficult to walk in to a classroom and not see a social networking site on a student’s phone, IPad or laptop screen. Social media is a highly used by college students, high school students and some middle school student. The most popular social networking site is Facebook. The newest social networking site is Instagram. About 90% of undergraduates on the majority of college campuses and 90% of high school students use social media sites, creating online profiles of themselves and adding other users to their lists of “friends” on the network (Manago, Taylor and Greenfield 2014). Social networking plays an influential role in young people's lives now in days For instance, in the past college students used social networking site MySpace to facilitate a sharp focus on self-construction when Myspace was popular (Mango, Taylor and Greenfirld 2014). Now Facebook is used by the general population to maintain ongoing communication with close and distant friendships (Manago, Taylor, and Greenfield 2014).In a study conducted by Ellison, Steinfield, and Lampe( 2011) showed that college students who used Facebook were more seeming to be integrated into the university community. In the study Thompson and Lougheed (2012), reported that “Facebook was found to be a significant element of the undergraduate social culture for these undergraduates as 80.24% reported that Facebook was a part of their everyday activities.” Both genders use social media, but women far exceeded men in

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