Facebook Is A Social Network Site

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“Facebook is considered a social networking site, as it offers an online platform on which users create profiles, generate and share content and information and interact with known and other unknown contacts” (N, 2014). Today, Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Since its introduction, Facebook has attracted millions of users, many of whom integrated their site as a daily practice (Abdulahi, Samadi, & Gharleghi, Sep, 2016). As it can be seen, the debate about Facebook often comes up on many occasions concerning students as it plays a major role in their lives (Boyd, 2007). However, it may have both positive and negative impacts on students who are in constant use of its services. Facebook is seen as one of the most popular …show more content…

Ironically, they are able to make and communicate with new friends around the world with similar interests, which give them a sense of belonging. Facebook communication has become one of the major impacts on secondary school students in and around the world. DECREASED ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE Although facebook gives students academic freedom, it has a major impact on their performance. At this point, this generation tends to rely on the net and spend most of the time on Facebook (Abdulahi, Samadi, & Gharleghi, Sep, 2016). Today’s secondary school students are exposed to all types of social networking sites in many aspects of their lives, but when it comes to Facebook, they just do not know when to stop. They, however, would go on and on for hours without taking the time off to look at reality. The majority of secondary school students prefer to stay on the internet for hours, than studying for their exams or doing their assignments. The main reason is that when they are studying or searching their course material online, they get attracted to Facebook to kill the boredom in their study time, diverting their attention from their work (Abdulahi, Samadi, & Gharleghi, Sep, 2016). As a result of spending these countless hours on Facebook, students become addicted (Mwila, 2015). Therefore, this addiction can divert the focus and attention from particular tasks that needs to be done

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