Social Status: Excuse or Not?

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Grant Schmitz
Mr. Goodman
September 28, 2010
Social Status: Excuse or Not?
The education of the youth is, without much dispute, a highly important issue within the U.S. This nation was founded on equality and opportunity, two beliefs that have seamlessly transitioned into American education, or so it seemed. In these articles by Gregory Mantsios, Jonathan Kozol, and Jean Anyon, the same education Americans claim to hold so high comes under question. These authors provide excellent insight on the negative relationship between social class and education. However, they fail to address an important element that ultimate responsibility falls on the individual for his or her own education, regardless of social class. Anyon,
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Yet his next statement shows Mr. Farrell as a service-station attendant. Mantsios never goes into detail about why or how Mr. Farrell stopped his education and never gained an electrical engineering degree (Kozol 477-478). He uses Mr. Farrell’s case in opposition to Mr. Browning who was born into an extremely affluent family and with the help of top notch education earned an executive position at a company. However, had Mr. Farrell continued his education and graduated with an electrical engineering he would open up many doors to one day attain the same amount of wealth Mr. Browning had at age thirty-eight. Present-day America has not lost the grandeur and appeal of a nation filled with opportunity for those that would seek it. There are countless stories of men and women who made fortunes through hard work and determination. While this does not excuse such schools as those described by Kozol in the Bronx, it does show that those students are not doomed, nor are their futures written in stone. A student is ultimately responsible for his or her own education. Although some undoubtedly have a greater chance for success than others, one cannot let their current social class, stereotype, or disadvantages stand in the way of happiness in life. The sad truth is that the majority of students are not those that
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