Social Workers And Social Work

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In the society we live in today, there are many problems people face whether it has to do with family, friends, jobs, stress, money, children, abuse or, etc. Although many people face issues in their daily lives sometimes these issues can be overwhelming and in these cases it is important to realize that there is help from people. Social workers are put in place by the government to provide help and assistance to those who need it and even those who may not accept it but are in need of it. There are many times a social worker will be seen as the bad guy but its hard to forget that they are just doing their job and actually are doing more good than bad. Social workers provide the help and services that most families and communities need but may not be able to access or may have other conflicts which prevent them from receiving help. Whether it be help by necessary force or by willfulness of the person or family that needs help, it can be assured that a social worker will be there to provide just that. Family and Children Services is what the agency I interviewed for works in, the social worker that I interviewed was Gurkiran Somal. She works for a social welfare agency called All Nations Coordinated Response Network, also known as ANCR. This agency is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Due to the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry, Child Welfare Initiative there was reformation of the Child Families Services. Now Winnipeg has 17 Aboriginal agencies and 2 General Authority agencies,

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