Social Workers Pursue Change For Individuals And Groups That Are Mistreated And Defenseless

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Social workers pursue change for individuals and groups that are mistreated and defenseless. One of these groups across the world is women. Women across the world, from first world countries to third world countries suffer across a spectrum of categories from lack of universal healthcare, education inequality, and lack of justice behind them. To quote Carr (14) “Despite the insidious nature of powerlessness, theorists of empowerment and feminists agree that it is a position that can be overcome”. Social workers are here to help these women learn they are not powerless and can become strong proud individuals that can succeed in their lives and contribute to their families and local communities. Education for women across many parts of the world has been virtually unattainable, opening this doorway to women gives them the opportunity to become equals with their male counterparts with in a scholarly capacity, influence, and financial stability. As social workers we have the tools to provide these women with pathways to gain their education and if the pathways do not exist yet then we know how to advocate for policy change to create a new pathway for them. Education gives women the ability to get jobs that before they could never attain due to being pulled from school or never sent at all so they could either marry or bear children as early as possible. As the numbers begin to shift, more and more woman across the world and their communities will see how allowing these girls

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