Society Vs Society

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Many people are trying their best to look for a better future every day. Their willingness to take jobs that no one want and that society are categorizing with a successful or a failure with a just before their title. Society is not seeing that these people are looking for a job that helps them pay their bill and have a stable future. These people are as valuable as any other person and should be respected as well. Instead, society is categorizing them with a “just” and making it sound like a failure on societies eyes. People deserve to be respected and value all the time and their job title should not matter at all. Not to mention, that now in this days if you want to be known and respected you need to have a job that the society categorizes as a success. When people start asking what your job is not because they want to know about you, most of the time. When they ask is because they want to know if you have succeeded in life. Nickie Mc Whirter in her essay, “What You Do is What You Are” claims that “It is as if by defining how a person earns his or her rent money, we validate or reject that person’s existence.” Mc Whirter is expressing that society immediately places you in the category based on your job. It is sad to see but I have seen this happen around me. I have seen that people get treated based on what they're categorized. For example, I have heard teachers that they’re not going to clean because of their teachers, not janitors. I have also heard they

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