The Underlying Hate Of America

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Taylor Renner
Honors English 10
14 September 2015
The Underlying Hate in America

A white man and a black man both walk into a store, both have same calm reaction, but the store clerk is suspicious of one for theft. Based on prejudice it can already be assumed who was wrongly accused. This is a prime example of underlying racism and white privilege. In today 's society racism is still a large problem. Racism is a malevolent set of ideas that was race is inferior as opposed to others. It is a poisonous cycle that can never be solved until people can acknowledge their privilege, have more compassion and take a stand against racism. Lots of people have had the mindset that people not as privileged as them can get work, respect, etc. by working hard for it. Since these people don 't live the same type of life they will never know how their life compares to others. "If they wanted to do better they could. And they expect us to just accept them?" (Griffin, Black Like Me, 110). This was the mindset of a character in Black Like Me, a book written in 1961. America now looks back at that time period as one of the worst in our history. People fifty years from now, will probably regard present day America 's actions the same. A major theme in To Kill a Mockingbird was that to understand a person you

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need to think about what it 's like to be them. Many black people do not have the same resources and social rights that

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