Society of Blake: An Analysis of William Blake's Most Popular Works

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Society of Blake
(An Analysis of the Poet William Blake)

William Blake is one of the greatest Romantic writers of his time period, and his works are still being read and interpreted today. He wrote in ways that had not been seen before, in two different parts. One part would be the opposite of the other, covering both sides of story and it was a very invigorating new and improved way to write, that paved the way to the future. The first passage, “The Lamb” is a very great beautiful story, speaking from a child who is talking to a small lamb. This child is asking the lamb about where he came from, and what actually made him, or if he really even knows it is a statement for the innocence in the world. The next poem being, “The Tyger” is the exact opposite off innocence, the experience or ferocity, it describes a giant tiger, expressing how a tiger stays in the darkness of the forest, its eyes burning bright and fearless. The one poem that Blake wrote to protest child labor laws in England during his time period was, “The Chimney Sweeper” where a small child expresses what a daily life of a chimney sweep entails. It starts with a small child describing what happened to his family that put him in the Chimney Sweeping business, then it goes to describing how another child is crying because of having all of his hair cut off. But the biggest impact that is thrown into this passage, is that of the child’s dream, in this dream, all of the death around him from his

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