Sociology : The Six Steps Of Social Research

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sociology, there are three different variables. Variables are the categories or factors that are being examined in an experiment. One of these three variables is the independent variable. The independent variable is the variable that the experimenter changes with the intention of studying it through the experiment. Another one of the three variables is the dependent variable. The dependent variable is what happens in response to the independent variable. This is because the dependent variable is dependent upon the independent variable. The last of the variables is the control variable(s). The control variable is the variable that the experimenter keeps constant, in order to measure the results of the independent variable. In social research, there are six steps that should be followed in order for the research to be productive. The six steps of social research are deciding on a topic, reviewing the literature, developing a hypothesis, collecting data, analyzing the results, and publish the results. The first of the six steps of social research is deciding on a topic. When deciding on a topic, a sociologist should identify what they want to study, and come up with questions that will be answered throughout the study. The topic of study can be a new topic, or it can be a continuation of another study. The next step is to summarize/review the literature. In order to familiarize yourself with the topic, you want to read what other researchers have to say about that same

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