What Is Dr. Venkman's Worst?

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It was a lot of things wrong with video. The title was right when it said “Worst”. The participants did not the pain was going to be involved! There was a bias towards the sexes such that when Dr. Venkman was conducting the experiment, it was a male favoring the side of the female. The male participant was uncomfortable with the experiment such that he experienced pain or discomfort and did not want to continue with the experiment and even though an incentive was provided the Dr. Venkman look down upon him for leaving the experiment. Deception was also use to make the female participants she had ESP powers , and the male participant to believe that he was getting all of the guesses were wrong when actually some of them were right but was trying to get a reaction out of the male and enjoyed taking pleasure in hurting him.…show more content…
There also will be an agreement where if the subject feels uncomfortable with the experiment he or she is free to stop and leave. If I was to conduct this experiment then my hypothesis would be if that a person can read 15 cards straight in a row consecutively then the person ESP abilities. If the person cannot then he or she does not have ESP abilities. In this experiment the cards would be the independent variable and the dependent variable will be the person's ability to read the cards. An independent variable is the variable that is change or controls in a scientific experiment in order to see the effects of being tested for the dependent variable; which, the dependent variable is the variable being tested and measured inside experiment. In order to make this experiment more experimental than correlational research, scientists would isolate and manipulate only the independent variable and observe its effect on the dependent variable in order to establish a cause and
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