Software Automation Testing Of Mobile Applications

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Software Automation Testing of Mobile Applications

Abstract Software testing is an expensive and a standout amongst the most repetitive techniques in software development life cycle. Now a day’s companies are investing more time and resources on testing to make sure that the application is fully tested for best user experience. Automation of testing is a key thing for organizations who develop applications on substantial scale. This paper is focused on the latest automated software testing technologies used in testing the user interface of iOS and Android applications using a testing tool called Appium. Appium is an open source testing automation tool for mobiles …show more content…

With the increasing use of mobile technologies testing has to keep up with the complexities. Automation is the efficient solution to this challenge, as it not only reduces the cost of entire process but also makes it quicker and efficient. This paper focuses on the need for automating testing for mobile technologies and also highlight the challenges involved in implementation. This paper details about the automation tool Appium which will give an insight in avoiding the challenges.
Most of the tools available for automating testing for desktops like calabash, KIF require an additional agent that needed to be compiled with application code as the tool cannot interact with the mobile application without those agent. For agents like these, libraries associated with them had to be removed at the time of submitting the app. Whereas Appium on the other hand doesn’t need any such sort of extra agents to be included in the original code there by completely changing the testing process in a much efficient way.
Appium has improved significantly over the time and constantly added up with new features. It has three main components Appium server, Doctor and Inspector.

Manual vs Automation
In my view here is how manual testing is different form automation, no programming can be done to write test cases in manual testing , where as in automation, testers can write the programs to identify hidden bugs and other missing information. Manual testing

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