Solution to Hunger in America

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A Solution to Hunger in America

Donta Bellamy

Trident Technical College

We live in a nation where a large percentage of its inhabitants suffer from economic hardship and are left with no other option but to pick and choose between certain necessities over other fundamental needs due to a lack of financial resources. Many of these people are forced into having to choose between taking their life-saving medications and being able to eat for that day, while others simply have no choice at all. These people simply have no other choice but to go
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Step 4. Begin the building process by having the fences and shelters placed in their perspective places. I would like to designate at least two acres of the property for the livestock. The remaining two acres will be for farming.
Step 5. Once the property is cultivated and the shelter for the livestock is in place, we would then purchase and plant the fruit and vegetable seeds.
Step 6. After the planting of the seeds, we will have to purchase livestock.
Step 7. Once the livestock has been purchased, we will bring them to the farm and place them in their designated areas.
Step 8. The farm will have to be maintained and the animals cared for.

In the previous section of this project I simply broke down the steps that would need to be taken to prepare the farm. Just as the Census Bureau goes from door to door collecting statistical data, I will do the same in an effort to combat hunger. This will also be done to prevent fraud and waste.

There will in fact be rules and regulations pertaining to the distribution of the food. I would like for this adventure to developed and maintained by the community for which it is going to benefit. The rules will be as follows:

1. Any and all persons wishing to pick from the garden must pay an entry fee of five dollars. The entry fee will allow this to pick as much fruit and vegetables they need. The monies collected from the entry fee will be used to maintain the farm.
2. At least one member
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