Solving The Problem Solving Process

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SUBJECT: Problem-Solving Process to Counter Sales Decline in Department and Other Issues In response to the recent decline in sales in my department and without a clear path for resolution, I propose the implementation of a problem-solving process which is applicable not only to this situation but also issues which the future will bring. There is strong evidence that “a structured problem-solving approach has a direct correlation to an organization’s performance and the ability [to] repeat successful outcomes” (Marksberry, Bustle, & Clevinger, 2011, p. 838). Therefore, it is not only logical to establish a standardize process but also imperative to remain competitive in our market. Below are the steps of my proposed problem-solving process. Step 1: Identify and Define the Problem While it may seem counterintuitive to have a step dedicated to identifying the problem, because the existence of a problem would initiate the problem-solving process, the importance of this step cannot be overstated. “Identifying the right problem is as important as solving it because a good decision could only be made out of a right problem, since all the subsequent parts of [the] problem-solving process … focus on the major problem … identified” (He, 2015, p. 61). The issue must be understood by all involved in creating a solution, and not just by word-of-mouth. I highly suggest each participant to take the time to personally observe the problem at hand and discuss its effects with those
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