Somalia at War Essay

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Africa is a rich continent with an abundance of resources, diverse cultures, exotic people and exciting traditions, yet it seems as though it is perpetually facing armed conflict (Lukunka, 2012). Of the conflicts Africa is facing currently, Somalia is the center for some of the largest conflicts. The history of Somalia has been hit with conflict after conflict, not only between rival clans but also with other countries, most recently between not only regional powers but also the US and Al-Qaida. The current conflict in Somalia differs from the rest due to the number and type of players involved; the large numbers of foreign players involved in local affairs and the role radical Islam is playing in the conflict. With most of the …show more content…

interest. Among those are oil and global trade, maritime security, armed conflicts and violent extremist that are tied to radical Islamic views like al-Qaeda. With protecting the homeland being one of the U.S. top priorities Al-Qaeda and their sympathizers are their number one concern. U.S. interest in Somalia has shifted back and forth over the decades with changing security and strategic interest. Currently U.S. interest in Somalia range from piracy, trade, humanitarian issues, broader regional stability and terrorism, with the principle interest to the U.S since 9/11 being terrorism. With extremist such as youth militants and Al- Shabaab clearly stating their jihadist intentions and abundant opportunity to cause disorder both in Somalia and abroad, the international community is left wondering if these insurgent groups have the long term means to implement their religious visions or whether the government, with or without help, will be able to fight them. If the United States were to use The Partner Nation Capability, which conducts exercises through Security Forces Assistance programs like SMEE’s (partnered with Law Enforcement or LE), Theater Cooperation Plan or TCP, and officer exchange programs, that can assist the Somalia government with building a force

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