Statement of Purpose for the Occupation of Obstetrician/Gynecologist or a Firefighter

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Both careers require the ability to work in stressful situations and have medical knowledge. The jobs also consist of long work shifts. These qualities grab my attention due to the fact that I like to work with others, enjoy managing people, and respond well to high-stress situations. I am willing to take risks and I describe myself as ambitious and energetic. Also, verbal and communication skills come naturally to me. One major difference between an OB/GYN and firefighter is the typical work shift. Firefighters have a set shift at a firehouse where they get called out to emergencies. OB/GYNs work at a hospital or physician’s office and work twelve hour shifts but go home and get calls or pages saying they need to return. Being a firefighter also requires a large amount of physical fitness. While I would love to be in excellent physical shape, firefighting is too physical for my body. In addition, I believe it would be easier for me to endure the day to day requirements of an OB/GYN. Even though firefighters and OB/GYNs share many similar qualities, I would prefer to become an OB/GYN due to its daily tasks and lack of physical requirements.
When it comes to job description, firefighters and OB/GYNs share some similar qualities with many differences. A firefighter responds to and controls building and or wildfires. This is…
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