Son Therapy Case Study

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After completing ten session with the son, his mother informs me that their insurance panel did not approve further treatment. Keeping in mind of the principle 1.11 from the AAMFT Code of ethics I would not abandonment the client. Unless the client mother come up with alternative means of payment for her son therapy, I would take the action of making reasonable arrangement for continuation of treatment (Caldwell, 2015). But, due to the fact that insurance panel will approve further treatment, I would not be able to space out other session.
The action that I would take based on my client circumstances with their insurance panel not providing anymore treatment, would not be anything that would constitute client abandonment or neglect …show more content…

Once the therapist has made the determination of termination she/he must prepare the client for termination by explaining the process and listen how the client feel about the termination process (Shaw, 2015). Also, the therapist should include some benefits of the new service that has been recommended through referral. This would help the client to transition to a new service in a more healthy and therapeutic way (Caldwell, 2015).
After having one year of therapy with the mother son, I received a subpoena from the mother lawyer asking me to be part of the court proceeding, with the mother asking the court to grant her sole custody of her child. The subpoena was asking me to provide information concerning the divorce and child custody as addressed in the previous therapy and that I will be called to testify. The action that I would take is first thing that would probably do in my current dilemma dealing with the subpoena would be to lawyer-up myself seeking and obtaining legal advice from an attorney (Shaw, 2015). Also, I would review the AAMFT Code of Ethics to see what it entail in reference to the concerns about subpoena as well as finding out what the local, state, and federal laws about subpoena (Caldwell, 2015).
The son is the only one that was receiving therapy but the son is ten years old which constitute the son as being a minor child by law. Therefore the minor child which is son must have the

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