Sonnet 18 Romanticism

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Within a modern society, romance has been portrayed differently. How do you see love? (PAUSE COUNT TO 3) Do you see it as something that brings happiness or something that brings heartbreak and misery? (PAUSE COUNT TO 3). In romantic poetry, you always see such a perfect picture. But in contemporary songs, you always see a more realistic and sombre image. I'll be comparing two texts, "Sonnet 18" by Shakespeare, which is from the Romantic Era and "Take Me To Church" by Hozier, which is from the modern era. With "Take Me To Church" being a contemporary song, a harsh and sad image is painted. An example of how romanticism and how love is portrayed is gay love. Originally love was between a Man and a Woman, now we are seeing more and more love stories between the same sex. Sonnet 18 was completely written about a Man who loves a Woman, everything was just about perfect. Just like other poems in that time it had a happy ending. In "Take Me To Church", throughout the whole song it depicts a sad and depressing tone, in fact, it HAS a sad and depressing tone. The meter is the same throughout the whole song. The lyrics explain that the Church and Catholic belief believes that they're sick and that they're in the wrong doing. Do you believe that they're in the wrong? (PAUSE COUNT TO 3) In both texts, the lyrics and words are just the top of the ice break, each sentence, has so much more meaning behind it. I will go through a complete lyric breakdown of both texts.

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