Sony : A Virtual Reality System

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Introduction & Background
Sony has may departments that they excel in, but none more than PlayStation. PlayStation has consistently brought in the most revenue for Sony over the past five years. PlayStation is consistently a global leader in digital entertainment. It was developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment and was first launched in Japan in 1994. PlayStation is a gaming console that offers more than just video games. PlayStation also is a media center and online streaming service. There have been four generations released since 1994. There are many products that branch off from PlayStation including the PlayStation Vita, a handheld device, PlayStation Plus, an online streaming services, and PlayStation VR, a virtual reality system. …show more content…

As mentioned before one of PlayStation 's biggest threats is their competition. Xbox and the Nintendo Wii are catching up to PlayStation in sales. The competitors are also offering similar products which sets PlayStation back ("SWOT Analysis Of SONY Corporation" 2016).
Corporate Plan
There are many areas in which Sony PlayStation can improve; especially in the areas such as growth, profit and customer service. Sony is continuously improving and a growth goal that could be reached is to increase Playstation sales by 5% over the next three to five years. To increase profit PlayStation could set a goal to increase Gross Profit Margin percentage by (1-4%) over the next two to four years. To improve customer service PlayStation can focus on enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
Profit Goal & Strategies Improving the functionality of any industry’s supply chain sets up corporations for profitable and triumphant operations. Sony, one of the world’s leading players in gaming and entertainment, has shown that their innovative and artistic approach has contributed to their success. To further the company’s accomplishments, focusing on profits, we have established the goal to decrease COGS by utilizing more sensitive approaches by 2% while increasing Game & Network Services sales by 2% over the next 2 - 4 years. With our selected strategies, we believe that this goal is within the achievable realm, setting a path for long-term future success.

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