Sophomore Year Essay

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Just weeks before the first day of freshman year, my family moved from Iowa to Boulder City, Nevada. I had gone to the same school, with the same people, from kindergarten all the way through eighth grade. Suddenly, I was whisked away to a completely different state, a completely different climate, school, and worst of all: completely different people. Much of my freshman and sophomore years were spent trying to establish new relations with my classmates. By sophomore year, my social life had improved and had a stable group of friends. Despite securing relationships socially, I was irresponsible in my schooling. In the middle of sophomore year, I faced an education crisis. My first semester GPA added up to a mere 2.8. Some blame could be placed on being uprooted abruptly, however, I hadn’t ever transitioned into high school. I could only stumble through, without any idea where I was headed. In spite of it all, I figured high school out pretty quick after that first semester of sophomore year. Second semester of sophomore year my semester GPA was back up above 3.1. Since the beginning of junior year, I have not dropped below a 3.3 semester GPA.The first …show more content…

During the first half of high school, I disappointed the people around me, my parents, my teachers, but most of all myself. I know that some are so disappointed that they no longer believe in my capabilities. I know that I should have done more those first two years, and maybe even the years after those as well. Nonetheless, I know nothing can be done about the past, and so I look towards the future. Next fall I will be attending college with wisdom I lacked at the beginning of high school. I will continue to absorb new information, and never again will I neglect any knowledge granted to me. My dream is to make up for time that I lost while in a bewildered daze, and expand my knowledge as endlessly as

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