Sound Strategic Research And Analytical Skills

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Sound strategic research and analytical skills
I have advanced research skills, demonstrated by the body of research I have contributed to over the course of my Honours thesis and my Masters. I have developed upon existing areas of research, such as when I applied existing theories and models of strategic intelligence to a new context - that of the late Roman Empire. This required knowledge of the overall research direction of the field of strategic intelligence, as well as am understanding of existing gaps in research. I took modern conceptions of intelligence practices and models used them to explore how the late Roman Empire performed intelligence work and if there were any implications for the modern world, particularly in reference to area control and strategic security. This project expanded on and contributed to the overall direction of the field in a unique manner.
I have also performed original research, such as when I developed a new sociological conception of counter-terrorism practices in my thesis. An important consideration in this project was identifying and responding to gaps in research that had direct relevance for a range of parties, including government security agencies. I created a qualitative criteria in which the effectiveness of special mission counter-terrorist tactical units could be evaluated, particularly in reference to wider societal and cultural priorities. In doing this, I referred to a wide range of research, from sociological and security…
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