Soup Kitchen Reflection

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Initially, my teammates and I did not choose soup kitchen as our topic. We chose it after we had the consultation with our lecturer. She suggested that soup kitchen might be a suitable topic for us. At first, I only know that soup kitchens are the organizations that distribute food to homeless people and homeless people are the people that have no shelter and financial resources. However, after this community project I learnt that soup kitchens are not only distributing food, they also provide different kinds of services (for examples some courses to help the homeless people). Soup kitchens are the organizations that the homeless people can rely on and the organization to help the homeless people to get back on their feet. When I was as a volunteer in Pit-stop, I helped them to peel garlics and distribute food to the homeless people. During the food distribution section, the person in charge told us that we have to be friendly. I was assigned to distribute eggs to the homeless people and the person in charge told me specifically that ‘one person, one egg’ and other food can be refilled. So, I have to be extra attention when distributing the eggs and if the homeless people ask for more, I have to tell them politely that one person only can take one. I am a very shy person and not the out-going type, so at first I just smile and …show more content…

This community project is not a voluntarily project, but I can see the need of it because many people including myself have no courage to go one step further into the community. Thus, this is the chance for me to see the real community, which is not that perfect and not that dangerous. I really hope that this community project can be implemented during short semester because I would have more time to implement it and be more concentrate since I would not have to worry about other academic

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