South Korea Is Well Known As The Country With The Highest

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South Korea is well known as the country with the highest plastic surgery rates in the world. This is due to their high beauty standards that have led many women and men to let their faces be put under knives. The society in Korea is very infatuated with what is considered beautiful and satisfying to see in a person. The first impression is considered very important and by impression meaning the appearance of a person. Such as a job interview, the employers tend to look at the person’s face and in some cases, justify their rejection by criticizing what was wrong with their face and why they didn’t like it. As harsh as it sounds, it is very true in this society, in which everyone admits that nobody dislikes looking at a good-looking person. …show more content…

The adverts however, purposefully choose someone who is considered “being in need of a transformation” and shows his or her before and after face to make it more apparent. With the before photo, the audience can tell that the company purposefully leaves the patient looking in need of a makeover such as a face with no make up, casual clothes, and casual hair style. The after photo leaves the patient looking “beautiful” after having them go through the surgery. However, this is not good enough so the patient is also clothed in beautiful clothing as well as their hair styled and a full face with makeup. This is what is assumed to be the “Cinderella transformation” that they display, an indication that the only way to become beautiful is by going through plastic surgery. Basically, plastic surgery is the magic that a person needs in order to be happier about the way they look and present themselves, something they cannot do with their own hands. There are several other ways these adverts are presented to make the audience feel even more insecure with themselves. There are such ads that not only include transformations of the face but also include transformations of the body. Now, even completely changing your face is not good enough that these industries are also targeting those who are skeptical of how they feel about their body. The adverts now are also constantly changing. The original “old to new” transformation is no longer effective

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